DIY Lemon and Honey Face Mask

DIY Face Mask For Acne Using Only 2 Ingredients!

Ladies (and gentlemen),

The struggle is real. The acne struggle that is.

If you don’t have acne, this post probably isn’t for you, but this at home DIY face mask actually has a lot of great skin benefits so you might want to stick around. Or just read it to be dazzled by my awesomeness (jk on this part). 

-Ahem- Moving on. If you’ve ever been graced in the early morning by the beauty that is a lovely little bump upon your face, this one’s for you. And let’s be honest, there’s no grace in acne. It’s more like Mother Nature just slapped you upside the head for no reason and ya got hit so hard the pimple is the aftermath. At least that’s how I see.

With so many different products on the market claiming to cure, prevent, and eradicate acne quickly, it can be very confusing trying to pick a product that actually does what it claims. And switching up your skincare all the time trying to find the panacea of product also takes a toll on the skin. Seriously, calm down with ya 10 acne creams your skin cannot deal.

I can’t say I’ve endured the worst that acne can bring, but I’ve had my fair share of little mountains on my face. And of course they always show up at the worst time. Like when you’re in a wedding or going on a first date or have a photoshoot. Acne during a photoshoot is THE WORST. It’s literally ALL you can think about (bring on the 10 hours of photoshop to fix this face! JK.) And of course, I’ve also tried a lot of different “acne curing” products from drugstore to high end to me crying in the corner with my cookie dough ice cream because I just spent my whole paycheck and nothing is working.

What I’ve come to realize, at least for me and my skin, that simple is better. I have combination dry skin that leans on the sensitive side. So if I pack on pounds of skincare, my face does not like it. In fact, the more products I put on to essentially “help” my skin, the more my skin resists and usually looks worse. I’m operating on like a 2 product system right now which entails moisturizer and sunscreen. And my skin is looking A LOT better. SO, without further ramblings, let’s get on to the whole reason why you stumbled on this article.

Since simple and natural is usually better, I happened upon a 2 (yes you heard me ONLY 2) ingredient face mask that worse wonders for the skin. All this mask requires is honey and lemon. Before I break down the how to make the mask (albeit it seems pretty self explanatory with only 2 ingredients) let’s first dive into why these two natural products are so great.



Okay literally that header was written because the song “Money, Money, Money…Mo-nay!” was stuck in my head, so yeah, there you go. Anyways, Honey is fabulous for a number of reasons, but in regards to acne, honey is antibacterial so it’s great for getting rid of bacteria on the face and helping to treat/prevent acne. It’s also extremely moisturizing and full of antioxidants. PLUS, honey helps to open up the pores which allows you to get rid of dirt and sebum trapped inside. YAY HONEY! It’s important to remember that for the sake of the mask and your face, you want to use raw honey (raw organic is even better).


pexels-photo-77071.jpegLemon is also antibacterial, which is great for treating acne. It helps reduce oil secretions and get rid of acne causing bacteria. Moreover, lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which can help lighten and bright your skin. This is great for helping fade acne scars. Quick note about using lemons though, is that putting lemon juice on your skin can make it a little more sensitive to UV rays so be sure to apply sunscreen girl!


This is probably going to sound very self-explanatory in terms of making the face mask, but I’m going to tell you anyways. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Combine 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey in a bowl
  2. Use a cotton pad to apply mixture to face
  3. Leave on for 20 minutes
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water and follow with normal skincare routine

Make sure, as I said previously, that you use raw honey and also use juice from an actual lemon not store bought lemon juice. Also do not leave this mixture overnight so you should definitely not leave lemon on your face for that long.

*Bonus Tip: You can slice the rest of the lemon and infuse it in your water for a super detoxifying drink that will help flush out toxins from the body and keep you hydrated!

I would suggest using this mask 2-3 times per week and you should see results! For more serious acne cases I strongly recommend seeing a dermatologist and speaking with them to figure out the best skincare routine for you. I hope you guys enjoy this mask and if you have any other super awesome DIY face mask recipes be sure to leave them in the comments below so I can try them!

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