My Booty Building Gym Workout

Ladies, if you are looking for a routine in the gym that is going to get those peaches poppin’ and those glutes growing, then this one is for you!

I have to admit that training glutes (and hamstrings) is one of my favorite days in the gym. Surprised? I currently train legs twice a week with one day dedicated to growing my glutes. Without further adieu, let’s get into the workout!

My Glute and Hamstring Workout Routine

This workout is done in a series of supersets. This means that you do two exercises back-to-back with no rest in between. You only rest after completing the superset and keep resting periods low ( about 30-90 seconds).

♡ SUPERSET 1 (3 Sets, 12-15 reps)
– Weighted Lunges
– Smith Machine Hip Thrusts

♡ SUPERSET 2  (3 Sets, 12-15 reps)
– Dumbbell Hamstring Curls
– Smith Machine Deadlifts

♡ SUPERSET 3  (3 Sets, 12-15 reps)
– Single leg leg press to double leg leg press
– Single leg side leg press to frog leg press

♡ SUPERSET 4  (3 Sets, 12-15 reps)
– Stability ball hamstring curls
– Banded side leg raise

To see how all of these moves are performed, check out my video below which explains each move and proper form in more detail. Enjoy!



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