5 Life Quotes To Get You Motivated

If you have never felt that impending sense of helplessness or complete lack of desire to do anything besides laying in bed all day hugging mint chocolate chip ice cream and binging Stranger Things, then you are either A.) lying or B.) Still lying (or ya know..super motivated or bound by the obligation that is work…whichever.)  I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had our moments where we just can’t seem to get anything done – even showering feels like it requires too much effort. And to be honest, it’s totally okay to take some time to literally do nothing, but most of the time we need to get things done.

When I find myself lacking the motivation to even lift the sheets from my body, I tend to reach for my phone and hop on to ye ol’ Google and search up some motivational quotes. For some reason, these little reminders help put my mind in perspective and ground me, so that I feel more prepared to tackle the day. Just spending that 5 minutes in the morning reading life’s little reminders that we can accomplish more really puts some pep in my step. Without further adieu, here are 5 of my favorite life quotes to get you motivated!

Photo credit: Brainy Quote

This is probably one of the best reminders that what we need to accomplish isn’t going to be done by someone else. If we want to see success, we have to get out there and chase it. So go – be free my child and get that laundry done (and shower, please).

Photo Credit: Brian Tracy

If sitting in bed gorging yourself on mint chocolate chip ice cream isn’t changing lives, you’re doing life wrong. And if it somehow is changing lives then sir, I salute you (and please teach me your ways). Honestly, this quote might not seem “motivational” in the traditional sense, but it reminds me that we are only limited by our thoughts. We tend to allow our to-do lists to overwhelm us and our minds to tells us we can’t do it. We must remember that we are capable of changing the world if we really wanted to. When you put it into perspective like that, tackling the dishes or even that board meeting presentation doesn’t sound too difficult.


Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that today will only be today for, well, today. We tend to get caught up in the cyclical “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality and then tomorrow after tomorrow comes and we still haven’t accomplished our goals. This day will never be here again, so make sure you make it count.


Do you ever just look at your to-do list and you’re like, nope, not today Satan? Yeah, I’ve been there. A LOT. Just remember that it seems difficult in the beginning but once it’s done, you’ll feel great and realize it wasn’t so bad.


And just remember, all you have to do is try. Even if you don’t complete EVERYTHING on your list that day (trust me, I make some long ass lists) the point is you made an effort and that’s all that matters. Now, get out there, tackle your list and then reward yourself with more ice cream! Or coffee…or tacos…or all of the things. You earned it!

AND…ANNNNDDDD! If you have a favorite motivational quote or saying, please leave it in the comments below! Let’s keep this motivation train chugging along. CHOO-CHOO!

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