About Me

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Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Brittany and the purpose of this site is to inspire, encourage, and educate on all things fitness, health, beauty and lifestyle. I have been an avid gym goer and gym enthusiast for several years now. I’ve played basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and am currently training for my 5th degree black belt in Martial Arts. I recently have found such a passion for fitness and want to share my love for living healthy will all of you.

But of course. I have TONS of other interests but hey, you only live once and there’s so much in this world to love! I am completely obsessed with all things beauty and skincare related and since I really cannot choose between discussing deadlift form and the latest launch from Tarte, I’ve combined it into my little corner of the internet. I mean why not train like a beast in the gym and slap on some Lancome mascara and look like a beauty am I riggghtttt?

My website is designed to help inform, entertain and support others with their own fitness and life journeys. I think we could also use a little bit more love and encouragement so I am to please by sprinkling some positivity and passion into every post. I sincerely hope you stick around and help spread the love! And also check out my super fun articles about fitness, lifestyle and beauty.

On top of pursuing a fitness career, Brittany graduated from SJSU with a BA in Communications. She also received her MBA at the age of 22. She has a 4th degree black belt from Ernie Reyes’ West Coast World Martial Arts and is also an NPC Bikini competitor. 

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